What did the walkers think of the 2023 Saffery Rotary Walk?

“I have completed the Saffery Rotary Walk today. This has been the best organised and well-run event that I have ever attended. Total respect to everyone involved. The food was amazing and the support throughout the day was great. A massive thank you to all the volunteers.”
A regular walker.

I must admit I was well impressed with the organisation and how well the volunteers looked after me. l must have been asked 20 times or more if I was good and everything okay. One small problem was being offered breakfast at the Gouffre and having to turn it down due to time constraints. It did smell good!”
Mark Prevel, who walked the course twice consecutively.

“Hi there, I took part in this year’s walk (my first time and it was epic) however, having done it and seeing how much you (as a walker) need the volunteers at each checkpoint etc. I would love to put my name down as a volunteer for next year’s walk. Honestly, the support from every single person was outstanding and my goodness we needed it. Everyone was top class. Absolute superstars. Many thanks”
A first-time walker.