Often referred to as the “Friendly Walk”

Often referred to as the “Friendly Walk”, it takes a route as close to the edge of the island as is possible and is not a race. In fact walkers can deviate if they wish. The organisers recognise all efforts whether or not you complete the course. There is also an option for those who may not want to take on the entire 39 miles themselves. Instead you can complete a section of the route or walk as part of a relay team so that you walk within your own levels of fitness and ability but still take part in the event.

Walker’s start and finish in St Peter Port at the Weighbridge (in the White Hart to start and just opposite to finish) and walk south where only a mile into the challenge they hit the  cliff paths. Some 17.8 miles later they eventually reach the coastal path of the west coast where the course remains at sea level for the remainder of their journey.

One couple, Nadia and John Lipscombe have very helpfully informed walkers that there are 2,266 steps up and 1,606 steps down from the Aquarium to Pleinmont. For the rest of the island walk there are only 56 steps up and 23 down.

There are seven full checkpoints along the route (including the finish line) where refreshments and first aid can be found. A hot breakfast is provided at Le Gouffre. Additional portable lavatory facilities are provided half-way into Leg 3 at Les Tielles.

For those who don’t fancy taking on the entire route, check out our relay team option