17 Local Charities to benefit from the 2022 Saffery Rotary Walk

17 Guernsey charities have been selected to benefit from the money raised from this year’s Saffery Rotary Walk, to be staged on 11th June 2022. They represent a diverse cross-section of the wide range of charities supporting people in Guernsey and encompass sport, social care, healthcare, arts and leisure and more. The full list is shown below.

Simon Milsted, the chair of the Saffery Rotary Walk’s organising team says: “The committee received a large number of applications from community good causes doing excellent work to support islanders and it is always difficult to decide which ones will benefit each year. For 2022 we have selected 17 charities with a wide variety of projects. We know that there’s been increased demand for the third sector’s services over the past two years and that support will continue to be needed. Those behind the charities work selflessly for others and we hope that the support we can give them from the sponsorship our walkers raise will help bring to fruition projects that will make life better and easier for a number of islanders.”

Since its inception 25 years ago, the Saffery Rotary Walk has raised more than £850,000 for local charities. Last year was a record breaker, with more than 1,000 participants raising a record amount. One individual raised an incredible £12,000 but the sponsorship that every walker raises is valued. It is hoped that this upward trend in walker numbers and money raised will continue this year. The early bird registration discount for individual walkers has been extended by a month to 28th February 2022. This is to give potential walkers from Guernsey, the other Channel Islands and the UK more time to assess the Covid situation before applying.

Simon Milsted continues: “I want to say a special thank you to our sponsors Saffery Champness, because they shoulder the organisational costs of the walk. This means that all of the money raised by our walkers and those that sponsor them goes to the local charities we select. This is an exceptional commitment from them and everyone on the walk team is very grateful.”

Lisa Vizia, a director of Saffery Champness, says: “It’s an honour and an important responsibility to sponsor the Saffery Rotary Walk because it does so much for the Guernsey community. Those who take part, and I really hope we have another record breaking entry, share a unique camaraderie as they support each other along the 39 mile route. At the same time, they’re raising money that will be shared among a varied and very worthwhile set of local charities and good causes that all work to make our island home a better place to live. The annual Walk is very much at the core of what we at Saffery’s see as our contribution to wider island life.”

The 2022 Saffery Rotary Walk on 11th June takes in 39 miles of Guernsey’s coast line, beginning and ending on the St Peter Port seafront. It takes walkers south first, along the entire length of the cliff paths. It is ranked among the best charity walks in the UK for its stunning views and sense of camaraderie. The theme of this year’s walk is Welcome Back, a reference to participants from further afield, and perhaps locals too, who’ve been unable to take part because of the pandemic. Registration is very much open, and individuals, relay teams and families are encouraged to sign up and make the walk another record breaker.

The charities to benefit from the generous support of participants in the 2022 Saffery Rotary Walk are:

Action for Children’s Guernsey Youth Housing – starter kits for young people moving in to training flats

Autism Guernsey LBG – ‘Social eyes programme’ helping people on the autism spectrum to develop social understanding and why it is necessary to learn social skills at all

Carers Guernsey LBG – IT equipment and set up to enhance the operation of the help they provide to unpaid carers in the community

Dyslexia Day Centre – train a teacher to deliver the Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme and for a photocopier which is so important for lesson content for what they do at the Day Centre

Girlguiding Guernsey – help with additional equipment costs because of related Covid arrangements and uniforms for those who would not otherwise be able to be in uniform

Grow Limited – plant trolleys to move heavy plants around site

Guernsey Arts – facilitate the delivery of Art Projects for young people from 6-17 years old who reside in and around Les Genats Estate

Guernsey Dynamics Football Club – help these footballers who have a variety of disabilities to compete against similar teams

Guernsey Hockey LBG – launch Walking Hockey to make hockey available to those who are less mobile

Guernsey Neuro Concern LBG – equipment needed to help islanders suffering with neurological issues

Guernsey Sailing Trust LBG – sailing dinghy suitable for younger children

Island Scouts 5th Guernsey – repair roof of their premises so that the building can be brought back to use

Liberate – a quiet space during the Pride event in September

St John Ambulance Guernsey LBG – a specialised Airway AED Mannikin for training volunteers and the public

St Mary & St Michael PTFA – towards a sensory garden in the school grounds

The Ron Short Centre LBG – create 5 IT booths for the IT Training Lounge for at the Ron Short Centre

Vive La Vallette LBG – a ramp for assisted access to the Ladies Pool for those less physically able